Fellowship Application

To which fellowship are you applying?
To which fellowship are you applying?
Attach Essay
Fellowship applications must include an essay response to the following question. See website for applicant selection criteria.
  • Center for Alternative Investments essay: How will your work as a Fellow for the Center of Alternative Investments prepare you for your chosen career path?  Two years from now, how will others describe your work as a CAI Fellow in advancing the impact of the CAI in the alternative investments community? (500 words max) 
  • Emory Marketing Analytics Center essays, please choose one of the following (500 word max):
    • Marketing Fellowship Question: Imagine you are starting your dream business. Briefly describe the business. How would you design marketing and analytics functions from the ground up to support decision making? How would you use (combine) data and psychological insights about consumers?    
    • Analytics Fellowship Question: Imagine you join a large established organization with extensive data on customers’ shopping and transaction histories (such as an Amazon.com). You are tasked with creating strategies that use customer data to create profitable marketing tactics. How would you go about “monetizing” the firm’s customer data?
    • Sports and Fan Analytics Question: Imagine you are the new owner of a sports franchise (you choose the sport and the league). How would you create an analytics function to ensure the success of your new team? What decisions would be driven by analytics?
  • Goizueta Business and Society Institute Social Enterprise Fellows essays (three in one document):
1) Activism and allyship for social change is often inspired by employees within companies and organizations.  Tell us of a time  that you advocated for social change where you worked.  What did you advocate for, why did you do it, and what were the results?  (300 word max)
2) @GoizuetaBSI will be launching a new podcast series featuring both business leaders and social change innovators that are addressing inequality and / or climate change.  If you were to host a future podcast in our series, who would you invite to be your guest and why? (300 word max)

3) @GoizuetaBSI focuses on a number of initiatives and activities.  Tell us which one initiative or activity you would like to invest your time and skills in and why.  (300 word max)
  • Roberto C. Goizueta Center for Entrepeneurship and Innovation (CEI) essays (two in one document, 500 word max):  
1) Describe any prior entrepreneurial and/or early-stage investing experience you have had, OR describe a new promising idea you would like to bring to life.  In particular, explain what skill sets, resources, or connections you think being a Fellow might build in pursuing your entrepreneurship or early-stage investing aspirations.

2) Looking at CEI's focus areas and activities, please tell us which ONE initiative or activity  you would like to invest your time in and why, and any improvements/augmentation you might help spearhead.  
Please attach a doc or pdf version of your essay. Make sure that your name is included in the document. If you are applying for more than one fellowship, please attach each essay separately.

If you are applying for more than one center fellowship, please attach the additional essay here.