Fellowship Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Goizueta fellowship. Candidates may apply for these fellowships as part of their MBA application process or as a current MBA student at Goizueta.

For current applicants: First complete your MBA application,  then complete the desired fellowship applications during that same round - according to the deadlines below. Fellowship applicants will receive a decision approximately 1 to 2 weeks after their MBA application round decision date. If you have any questions, please email mbaapplication@emory.edu.

Fellowship Application Deadlines
Round 1: October 20  |  Round 2: January 22  |  Round 3: April 10


To which fellowship are you applying?
To which fellowship are you applying?
Attach Essay
Please submit essay responses to your desired Center Fellowship below. If you are applying for more than one fellowship, please attach each Center separately.
  • Center for Alternative Investments Fellowship essay (Full-time, Evening, and Executive MBA applicants): How will your work as a Fellow for the Center of Alternative Investments prepare you for your chosen career path?  Two years from now, how will others describe your work as a CAI Fellow in advancing the impact of the CAI in the alternative investments community? (500 words max)
  • Marketing & Communications Fellowship Fellowship essay (Full-time MBA applicants) (two in one document:
    • 1. The MarComm Fellow should have a mix of creativity and project management skills. Describe a project that you executed from ideation to implementation. What was the project goal and what was the outcome? (500 words max)
      2. Fellows will need to be deeply integrated into the network and social fabric of their cohorts to identify great student stories and activities and recruit their fellow classmates to engage with and produce content. Describe how you build relationships with others and what you enjoy doing in your personal time? (300 words max) 
Essay One: Activism and allyship for social and environmental change is often inspired by employees within companies and organizations. Tell us of a time that you advocated for social and / or environmental change where you worked. What did you advocate for, why did you do it, and what were the results? (300 word max) 

Essay Two: Alumni of our Social Enterprise Fellows have applied their MBA experience to deliver social and environmental impact in a variety of roles across diverse sectors and industries.  Tell us more about how you plan on including social impact and sustainability into your post-MBA career plans or aspirations.  (300 words max)
Essay Three: The Business & Society Institute focuses on a number of initiatives and activities which can be found on our website. Tell us which one initiative or activity you would like to invest your time and skills in and why. (300 word max)  
Essay One: Describe any prior entrepreneurial, early-stage investing, and/or corporate innovation experience you have had, OR describe a new promising idea you would like to bring to life. In particular, explain what skill sets, resources, or connections you think being a Fellow might build in pursuing your “venturing” aspirations. 

Essay Two: Looking at CEI's activities and focus areas (1. entrepreneurship, 2. early-stage investing 3. Innovation), please tell us which ONE initiative, activity, or partnership you would like to invest your time in and why, and any improvements/augmentation you might help spearhead. 
  • Global Strategy Fellowship Essay (One Year MBA applicants only): The mission of Goizueta Business School is to prepare principled leaders to have a positive impact on business and society. Why do you consider having a global perspective critical to helping our students and our school meet this mission? (500 word max)
  1.  Why do you want to be a healthcare fellow? How would this opportunity contribute to your future  career goals? (500 word max)
  2.  Healthcare encompasses so many different industries from consulting and biotech to care  delivery and hospital administration. What part of healthcare are you most interested in and how  do your skills and experiences align with that industry? (500 word max)
Please attach a doc or pdf version of your essay. Make sure that your name is included in the document. If you are applying for more than one fellowship, please attach each essay separately.

If you are applying for more than one center fellowship, please attach the additional essay here.